M-Tech was formed in 1987 as a consulting firm specialising in Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Consulting. Its present objective is to play a fundamental role in improving the level of Maintenance Practice in South Africa. As such it is instrumental in formalising maintenance management theory and imparting that knowledge to Maintenance Practitioners.

Knowledge Transfer

Following from this objective, the main ‘business’ of the organisation is Knowledge Transfer (through training and publications), with a lesser accent on ConsultingAuditing and Software distribution. 

The main thrust of M-Tech’s activities lie in the broad area of Knowledge Transfer.  This consist, in our case, of the following three sub-areas:

  1. Courses: Structured to enhance practitioners’ useful knowledge of maintenance management, maintenance engineering and maintenance technology. Typical course elements are: maintenance policy making, maintenance plan design, maintenance auditing, maintenance performance measurement, Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), failure analysis, logistics, asset management, quantitative techniques in maintenance, condition based maintenance, tribology, task management, maintenance scheduling and inventory management.  See our Course Listing page in this web site for more details. 
  2. Conferences: Maintenance Forum 1990, 1991 and 1992, World Trends in Maintenance Engineering 1997 and 1999, World Trends in Maintenance 2000. 
  3. Publications:

M-Tech’s staff is actively involved in maintenance research. Publications resulting from this research consist of: 
(1) Internationally recognised maintenance textbooks; and
(2) Over 50 technical papers published in accredited engineering journals or delivered at internationally recognised conferences.


We have a unique holistic approach to maintenance consultation and we account for all possible secondary maintenance effects in our recommended solution to a specific maintenance problem.  See our Consulting page for more details.  This approach has lead to successful consultation projects in the following areas:

  • Maintenance policy making 
  • Maintenance auditing 
  • Maintenance performance measurement 
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance 
  • Maintenance Systems (needs analysis, implementation / support and optimisation) 
  • Capital replacement studies 


Maintenance auditing has become significantly more prominent over the past decade.  Today’s maintenance organisations know that they have to measure their results to ensure that they can compete with the best.  Such measurement includes Maintenance Performance Measurement and Maintenance Auditing.  See the Auditing page for more detail on how auditing can assist you to become World Class.

Statistical Failure Analysis

M-Tech has a high level of expertise in this crucial failure explanatory field.  See also our Statistical Failure Analysis page in this website.  We are able to provide the following support services:

  1. Renewal analyses Probabilistic techniques (e.g. Weibull analysis), optimal replacement analysis, spare parts usage forecast. 
  2. Repairable systems analyses NHPP modelling, Laplace trend analysis, dependence tests and capital replacement. 
  3. Condition based maintenance support 

Proportional Hazards Modelling.


We distribute Software that assists you in implementing the knowledge gained through the material and courses provided by M-Tech.

  1. Maintenance plan design 
  • M-AnalystTM, has comprehensive failure analysis abilities and documents the RCM process. 
  •  RELCODETM is a very comprehensive Weibull analysis package available from    


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