Based on the realisation that Maintenance is still a very young academic discipline, M-Tech is very aware of the importance of fundamental research in the theory and practice of maintenance. Further to this we also understand the need for imparting this new knowledge through the publication of papers, while the maintenance world is also served by providing proper text books as a basis for study. Most of the staff of M-Tech is, for this same reason, fairly deeply involved in the academic world and three of the directors are members of IFRIM (International Foundation for Research in Maintenance). IFRIM’s aim is to further world-wide research in maintenance through effective networking of academics involved in maintenance tuition and research.

Text books

Coetzee, J.L.Maintenance, Maintenance Publishers, 1997.

Hastings, N.A.J., Peacock, J.B.Statistical Distributions: A handbook for students and Practitioners, Butterworths, 1975.


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