About Us

M-Tech was formed in 1987 as an engineering consulting firm specialising in Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Consulting. Its present objective is to play a fundamental role in improving the level of Maintenance Practice in South Africa. As such it is instrumental in formalising maintenance management theory and imparting that knowledge to Maintenance Practitioners.  The drive behind this is one of helping maintenance organisations to help themselves.

Following from this objective, the main activity of the organisation is Maintenance Training, with a lesser accent on Consulting and Software distribution.  Nevertheless, numerous consulting projects have been completed successfully for clients.

Technical expertise

  • Statistical failure analysis 
  • Reliability centred maintenance 
  • Equipment replacement analysis 
  • Design of Maintenance Plans 

Software sales

Statistical Failure Analysis 

  • M-Analyst

Capital Replacement Analysis 

  • AgeCon 
  • Perdec 

Maintenance Plan Design / RCM

  • M-Analyst