M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd has a proud history of consulting work in industry in South Africa.  A listing giving an example of previous assignments is included in this website for your information.  We also include a list of previous clients.

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The basis of our consulting work

The maintenance organisation is an organism of which the various parts must function in full harmony. Only then will its efforts result in achieving the maximum level of contribution towards the goals of the business. The figure shows a diagrammatic representation of the various main areas that should be in harmony if success is to be had.  In the following discussion the analogy of the human body is used to convey the importance of a holistic approach.

The maintenance operational level is certainly the hands and feet of maintenance. But these are dependent upon good Maintenance Information / Operational Systems (the central nervous system) being deployed effectively to ensure that the messages from the three levels above (the brain) are executed effectively.  But the prerequisite for effective systems, in its turn, is the formalisation of the maintenance business through proper procedures and a well thought through maintenance plan. Lastly, the areas for which these must exist will only be clear following the formalisation of amaintenance policy for the business.

Just as a human being is poorly adjusted in society if he/she does not have a suitable ingrained value system, the maintenance organisation is maladjusted if it does not have a suitable ingrained maintenance policy that suits the business.  Just as a person is only effective if he/she develops appropriate routines and personal plans, the maintenance business is only effective if the policy is extended through proper maintenance procedures and maintenance plans.  These procedures (routines) and plans are then conveyed to the work force by the maintenance system (nervous system) for execution.

The point is that any consulting work should have a total (holistic) approach that strives to contribute towards bringing the organisational climate and organisational processes in pace with the objectives of the business.  Of course this is not always possible in purely technical support projects, such as failure analysis of a specific machine or failure mode.

Consulting Expertise

M-Tech can assist maintenance organisations in selecting, setting up and using the following:

  • Management Planning Systems (Policy, Procedures, Objectives, Annual Planning and Budgeting) 
  • Management Measurement Systems (Auditing, Maintenance Performance Measurement) 
  • Maintenance Plan Design 
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance 
  • Maintenance Systems 
  • Capital Replacement studies 


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